Gulyassy Cue Services

Quality work and craftsmanship Guaranteed (This does not include abuse)!

Contact me if you need work done not seen below or if you have questions.Shipping (unless other arrangements are made with Mike) -$35.00 (Insured) Priority 2-3 day mail. Shaft work and clear coats are 2 -3 weeks. Simple repairs are 1-2 days.

Services Offered:
Refinish butts, clear coat – $200.00

Refinish shaft, clear coat – $75.00

Leather tips – $15.00

Layered tips – $40.00

Shaft reconditioning – $15.00

Original Moori tips – $100.00

Original Crown & Champion tips – $100.00

Samsara tips – $30.00

GULYASSY FT2 unbreakable patented ferrule/tip – $50.00

Melamine Ferrule – $35.00

Ivory Ferrule – $100.00

Phenolic Pads – $10.00

Linen wraps – $50.00

Leather wraps – $125.00

Elephant wrap – $300.00

Lizard wrap – $250.00

Butt cap – $60.00

Ivory Butt cap up to one inch(not including clear coat) – $350.00

Pins installed (always dead center) – $50.00

Joints: Phenolic (not including clear coat) – $50.00

Joints: Wood – $100.00

Joints: Ivory up to one inch – $250.00

Joints: Stainless Steel – $100.00

Predator shafts are available – (call Mike)

Straighten butts (rebuild, refinish better than new) – $600.00

Refinish Clear coat over Irish Linen Wrap – 225.00

Shafts (Tapers:Spx,Sptx,Btx, Rtx & Old School SPT: Sptx comes back 18 inches same size from tip; Spx comes back 18 inches with a .03 graduation; Btx comes back 18 inches with a stiff taper for breaking; Rtx comes back with a constant taper for that old school shaft) – $175.00 plus the cost of the tip you select. With La Pro Tip – $185.00. PHX Shafts start at $400.00 plus the cost of the tip you choose.

I can make a straight taper for a 3 cushion cue. Includes Elk master, La Pro or Triangle tip. Black collar & 3/4 inch Melamine ferrule, 3/8 10, 3/8 11, American Radial, Overseas Radial, Cognoscenti Shafts.

Brass inserts (including 5/16 18, 5/16 14, and Unilock quick release) – $30.00 extra

Replace Brass inserts – $40.00 extra.

Most tips are available (includes Moori, Kamui, Ultra Skin, Sniper, Predator, or send me your tip and there will be no additional charge) – $40.00 extra

Ivory ferrules are also available with a phenolic pad (black or brown) – $100.00 extra. Pads by themselves – $10.00

You must include a joint size in inches (i.e., Schon .836 Cognoscenti .860 McDermott .850 Gulyassy .859 – You will get what ever size you ask for). All shafts will come with Shaft Freeze

Brand Shafts available: Predator OB1 Tiger Mezz. Call for pricing for ring work, tips, any connection or size. Clear coat butt $200.00.

Shaft Freeze comes as a slight yellow color. Shaft Freeze recoats are $30.00 plus shipping

Shaft Freeze for New & Used shafts: (Can be coated but all chalk and dirt must be sanded off for the Shaft freeze to adhere) – $75.00

I also offer retapering of shafts (If the shaft is more than .03 out of round it can not be straightened. If it is under .03 out of round and the diameter is lowered 1/2 MM it can be straightened and the Shaft freeze will help keep the new taper straight) – $80.00 plus the cost of the tip, plus shipping.

Ring work is available: Silver rings – $10.00 each; Wood rings – $25.00 each; You supply ring – no charge.

I can use the ring off your old shaft – no charge

For custom ring work or custom connections call Mike at 864-430-7797