Warranty Information

All of our products comes with a 90 Day Warranty against manufacturer defects. If it is determined that the defect was not from abuse (see below), we will attempt to repair the defect. If the defect cannot be repaired, we will replace and ship the product to the customer at no charge.

Defected products must be returned to gulyassycues.com to be reviewed (Click here to view “shipping” in the return policy). It may take up to two weeks from receipt for the review process to be completed.

Abuse of our products will render any guarantees and warranties (including “unconditional guarantees”) void. Abuse is defined as, warpage due to leaving your Cue, Shaft, accessory in extreme hot or cold areas (Extreme temperature is any hot or cold temperature that would cause warping of the product). Dropping banging against another object, throwing, slamming, snapping, breaking your cue, shaft, or accessory.

SHAFT FREEZE: The Shaft Freeze Guarantee/Warranty will be rendered void if; Any type of sanding and/or cleaning, not as directed by Babys Pro Shop, LLC, to a shaft treated with Shaft Freeze; ANY tip put on by a Non-Certified Babys Pro Shop Tip Installer.